Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easter Nail Art!

Here is a tutorial for a cute, fun and easy(ish) Easter inspired nails!

Prepare your nails by filing and buffing them. This six-sided nail block from Boots (£2.50) is great to create perfectly shaped nails.

Start by coating each of your nails with a clear nail polish or a base coat if you have one. This prevents the coloured polish you use from staining or discolouring your nails. Here I am using L'oreal's Colour Riche in Parisian Crystal (£4.99).

Next, choose your favourite spring shade and paint each nail with one or two coats of your chosen colour. Pastel colours look great for this! I'm using Essie's Mint Candy Apple (£7.99).

Once the colour coat is completely dry, using micropore or scotch-tape (Sellotape doesn't tend to work as well) thinly cut it into stripes. Carefully stick two or three pieces on each nail, except the ring finger.

Use a white nail polish over the top of the tape to create a perfect striping effect and when the polish is dry gently lift the tape. I like to use Rimmel's Nail Tip Colour in Porcelain (£4.49) because the brush is very fine and easy to use for nail art!

On your ring fingers we are going to paint on some bunny's!! If you like you can do all your nails striped or you can do all your nails with bunny's on, its completely up to you!

Start by painting a white semicircle at the tip of your nail, this is the face!

Next create two long thin ovals coming away from the semicircle. These will be the ears!

Using a cocktail stick for accuracy (or dotting tool if you have one) partially fill in the ears with a light pink shade and draw an oval shape on the face, which is the nose. Finally, take a clean cocktail stick and draw two black dots above the nose to create eyes! I'm using Essie's Status Symbol (£7.99) and Nails Inc's Black Taxi (£11)! 

To finish, paint every fingernail with a top coat. I love Nails Inc's Kensington Caviar 45 second top coat (£12) because it gives your nails a glossy finish and helps the polish to last longer without chips!

This awesome novelty monkey nail dryer from Urban Outfitters (£8) is really useful if your on the go and is also a great gift!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
Wishing you all a Happy Easter!

Grace xo

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  1. This is so cute, I'm always looking for new nail art designs. I've never known how to do stripes properly so this has really helped, thanks!
    (I just started a new blog, I haven't posted much but I would love for people to have a look ♥)