Saturday, 15 February 2014

TOP 5: MAC Lipsticks

Although I don't often wear lipstick, when I do, I always find myself reaching for the same brand: MAC. The quality of the product really is worth the price you pay (£15/$16), even if it is more than your favourite drugstore lipstick, and is always a nice treat! With so many different shades and finishes, its hard to choose a lipstick colour that you know is good quality, because even though it is the same product, each shade can vary in quality. So here are my favourites...

Costa Chic - Frost 
On MAC's website, this is described as a 'light coral', which is true, however i was surprised how bright it is on the lips. Mine (and my sister's) ''go-to'' shade in the warmer months!

Rebel - Satin
A rich plum colour; perfect for winter or autumn. It looks scary at first, but doesn't come out so dark on the lips!

Brave - Satin 
This pinky-beige lipstick is definitely the most used out of all of them, purely because it is so wearable. It's that ''my lips, but better'' kind of colour. 

Russian Red - Matte 
A classic, bold red that compliments all skin tones. 

Ultra Darling (Sheen Supreme Lipstick) 
A bright pink lipstick, with a glossy finish. It's really easy to wear, and its a nice change from my everyday "Brave".

To purchase click on the link below:

Ultra Darling, Russian Red, Costa Chic, Rebel, Brave (left to right)

Brave, Rebel, Costa Chic, Russian Red, Ultra Darling (top to bottom)

I hope you enjoyed reading my first blog post and found it helpful! 

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Grace xo

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  1. This is a really lovely first post, very informative- you mentioned a few of my favourites in there too! Keep up the good work- and good luck with your blog sweet :) xxx